Book Ideas and Recipes

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Try any of these cookbooks at your next Cookbook Club meeting. I’ve either used each text myself during one of my club’s get-togethers, or I’ve cooked from these books myself and can give them the GKG Seal of Approval. When it applies, links are provided to previously featured recipes. Also, the book covers link to ordering each book on Amazon. Happy eating!

My Year in Meals, Rachael Ray [Atria Books 2012]


What it’s about: A fun read for serious foodies and casual cooks alike, My Year in Meals draws its inspiration from Rachael’s day-to-day meals. The book is written like a food diary, with Post-Its and handwritten “notes” that accompany seasonal recipes divided by the 12 months of the year. 

Highlights Red Pepper Pesto [p. 71], Fried Green Tomatoes [p. 85], and Coq Au Vin [p. 215]

The Complete Cook’s County TV Show Cookbook [America’s Test Kitchen 2013]


What it’s about: America’s Test Kitchen is like your detail-oriented grandmother or great-aunt: filled with stories, meticulous to a T when it comes to good food, and reverent towards tradition. The book’s recipes are tested repeatedly for optimal taste, preparation and flavor – with America’s Test Kitchen, you know you’re getting the best! Be warned, though – time-intensive recipes may not be for the faint of heart, or the weakest of chefs.

Highlights: Whoopie Pies [p. 339], Slow-Cooker Minestrone [p. 167], and Guinness Beef Stew [p. 111]

My Father’s Daughter, Gwyneth Paltrow [Grand Central 2011]

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What it’s about: I know, I know – everyone says Paltrow (and her GOOP blog) is over the top and totally detached from the rest of the proletariat. However, this book is phenomenal. I cook from its pages at least once a week; the homespun, healthy recipes rarely call for out-of-the-ordinary ingredients, and Paltrow encourages both family meals and the simple joy of preparing good food for those you love. Plus, every recipe – literally, every one I’ve made – is great. Hard to beat!

Highlights: Frittata [p. 217], Lemon Spaghetti [p. 128], and Oyster Po’Boys [p. 116]

The Way to Cook, Julia Child [Knopf 2010]

julia child cover

What it’s about: While her most famous tome, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, is arguably her best-known text, this Child cookbook is still a wonderful addition to your kitchen – and would be a fun choice for Cookbook Club. Consider it “Julia’s Cooking Class.” The book draws from a series of short videos Julia hosted in the last years of her life, and is grouped by technique: simmering, braising, baking, etc. Enjoy the lessons, the wisdom, and – of course – the food.

Highlights: Soupe au Pistou [p. 29], Steamed Lobster [p. 105], and Potato Galette [p. 324]

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