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Food & Wine: A Mini-Tutorial, Courtesy of the Interwebs

19 Feb

How do you pair food with wine? Do the old “red-with-red meat, white-with-white meat / fish” rules even apply anymore? Can we just scrap them in favor of a good ol’ Barefood Contessa-style “Eh, drink what you want!” style?

Or is there more to it than that? What’s a modern-day chef to do?

In come the interwebs. Ba-DA!

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Bottom’s Up: A Few of My Favorite Wines and Brews (and Why You Should Try ‘Em)

5 Jan

nov.dec2012 027

While there are a heckuva lot of recipes and random musings on this blog, I realized recently that, while I drink wine beer and the occasional cocktail pretty regularly with meals and on weekends, I’m not very good at sharing those favorites with you. Until now! Today, I’ll do a quick round-up of some of my favorite wines and brews (complete with costs). In the future, I plan on doing a few posts about pairing wine with food — specifically, how to move beyond the “white with fish, red with beef” sorts of rules and really combine flavors in creative ways. Bottom’s up!

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