Mission Organization: A Mini Kitchen Cabinet Change-Up

20 May

photo (3)

Sometimes, the smallest changes are the most exciting.

Have you ever found that little organizational differences can be a big breath of fresh air? A new storage unit, labeled baskets, even rearranging closet shelves can have a big difference on one’s peace of mind.

Now that I’m on my mini-summer-break (my school has a summer session — long story, but it means my summers get very busy VERY quickly!), I’m tackling some small organization jobs in and around the apartment. My first target: My “Tea, Coffee and a Whole Lotta Mugs” cabinet. Formerly, it looked like all of these, combined:

Images sourced from Google.com. ACK!

Images sourced from Google.com. ACK!

After some careful re-purposing — and you get 3 guesses as to what I used, and how I used it — here’s what my cabinet looks like! First, an overall shot of my crowning achievement, the door and the mugs themselves:

new cabinet 2

Can you tell what I used yet? I’ll give you a hint: It was once in the bathroom.

Here’s another shot:

Loooove it.

Loooove it.

Ta-daaa!~ It’s a suction cup shower caddy, much like these from Bed, Bath & Beyond. Here’s how I hacked it for my tea-storing purposes:

  1. Removed the suction cups with a bit of elbow grease.
  2. Used 3-M Velcro hooks on the flatter side (the other side — the one that faces outward — is more curved, and wouldn’t adhere to the door as well) to attach it to the cabinet
  3. Used the two razor containers for a tea strainer and a coffee scoop.
  4. Filled the rest with tea canisters, tea bags, and even my larger tea strainer from the lovely Laura’s b-day present.

Not bad, huh? The cabinet itself — now sans many of its bulkier items — looks like this:

Ahh. So much easier on the eyes.

Ahh. So much easier on the eyes.

I also have potential plans for these beauties … namely, to install hooks somewhere and hang a few of them. Also, to paint a few with some sort of paint. Or to sell them at a yard sale and invest in funky new mugs. TBD.

Regardless, here’s to small changes! Sometimes, they’re the best ones.

Any fun new changes — big or small — in your kitchen organization, friends? What have you been up to lately?


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