Food Shopping: Number 1 Sons Kimchi, Kraut & More

16 Apr


Ever tried Korean kimchi before? Kimchi is a spicy, pickled, hot-as-all-heck mixture of fermented (read: pickled au naturel) cabbage that’s frequently a garnish, condiment and all-around addition to Korean cuisine.

It’s also delicious.

Which is why, when I ran into the Number 1 Sons booth at this past Saturday’s Silver Spring Farmer’s Market, I stopped, tasted, and purchased some kimchi-licious goodies.

I mean, how could I not, with these fun folks behind the counter?

The folks behind Number 1 Sons; and the sign behind them. (Ha ha, puns. I kill myself.)

The pair behind Number 1 Sons; and the sign behind them. (Ha ha, puns. I kill myself.)

These smiling sibs are the folks behind the company’s pickles, salsas, kimchis and krauts; while the bulk of their actual pickling is done in the Clarendon area of Arlington, the pair Tweets and travels to farmer’s markets throughout the DMV. Their goodies are also sold at a few local retailers, including:


Smucker Farms of Lancaster Co.​

Pleasant Pops

Seasonal Pantry


Let’s Meat on The Avenue, Alexandria​

Maple Avenue Market, Vienna

For Goodness Sake, Leesburg

For more info about where and how to find yourself a plastic tub of kimchi-liciousness, your best bet is their website. Otherwise, you can patrol local farmer’s markets to hunt down their tent of tasty. For a schedule of where you can find them (and when!), click here!

A few of their finer offerings:


Classic kimchi – delicious over steamed rice, stir-fried with chicken & veggies, and even served over a hefty beef burger.


While I wouldn’t recommend popping that entire red pepper into your mouth, I WOULD recommend running away with these pickles. Nothing can stop true love. Especially when it’s with a pickled cucumber. Or eight.

Yup. I'll take 5 pounds, please.

Yup. I’ll take 5 pounds, please.

This stuff. Kale-chi. Like Kimchi, but made with kale, shredded carrot, and a slightly milder spice. Un. Real.

Do you like kimchi, cabbage, hot spices, and other hallmarks of Korean cuisine? What are your favorite ways to eat Kimchi? Ever tried it before? Or does the thought of “fermented cabbage” send you running for the hills? Happy eating and experimenting!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post — I’ll share a recipe for Sesame-Kale-Chi Chicken and we’ll discuss other great dishes that use kimchi as a garnish. Remember to check out Number 1 Sons — barrel-fermented, all-tasty goodness.


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