Food Shopping: Trohv in Takoma Park, MD

20 Mar

feb.2013 023

Fun times on GKG today! A few weeks ago, I visited one of my favorite stores in the DMV, and took a slew of pictures to capture my adventures. THT was good enough to come along and explore Trohv in Takoma Park, MD (their sister store is in Baltimore, for any Charm City readers out there!) one afternoon.

Trohv is something of a hipster / mid-century modern / stylish & contemporary home goods store. Some items are high-style. Some items are cheeky and fun. Some are for kids, some are for a grown-up’s inner kid. Overall, the vibe is funky and fun. And the kitchen goods? Delightful. While there isn’t any actual “food” in this food shopping post, their decor de cuisine is just plain fun.

feb.2013 015

This piece caught my eye right away — a buffet for my hypothetical future dining room, with bull ring-style drawer pulls? Why not, indeed!

tabletop treasures

Here’s a fun collection of treasures from on top of the buffet table. Those white dish towels were oh-so-vintage and cute; the red, white and yellow ceramic-covered cast iron pots just screamed “Nordic Chic,” and that sweet pair of pitchers looked like they’d fit in my kitchen just fine.

feb.2013 019

I had to show you these gems, especially given my city’s slight obsession with presidential likenesses. One Canoe Two, a printmaking and paper goods company (you’ll frequently see their stuff showcased in the sidebar on Young House Love, among other places), has a set of Presidential Drinking Glasses that deserve a spot at any history nerd’s kitchen table. Currently the glasses feature Roosevelt, Lincoln, Jackson and … Jefferson (?), but here’s hoping they rotate in a few more favorites. (Taft, I’m looking at you.)

glasses and bottles

You may want to get a sneak peek at this one by double-clicking the picture, but the store’s collection of vintage milk bottles, teapots, and ’50s-era tumblers were so fun. Can’t you just imagine that red coffee pot on your countertop? Or using the “Pop Shop” wooden crate on a coffee table or bar cart?

feb.2013 027

This table. Was beee-yoo-tiful. And strange, and quirky, and I loved it. It seems like it might belong in a farmhouse. Or a funhouse. Or a fun farmhouse.

feb.2013 025

Scotch? Whiskey? Rye? Bourbon? Yes, please! These glasses were delightful. I love when products creatively use typeography, and these stark, modern and fun little logos were no exception.

feb.2013 029

These delicious-looking tea blends (and adorable dishes to boot) were laid out, as you can see, on the cutest silver tray. Elegant, understated and smelling amazing. Killer combo, right? I wish I looked and smelled that good on a Friday night. 🙂

feb.2013 034

This chalkboard sign was right by the entrance to Trohv. Slightly vintage, slightly hipster, 100% fun? Yes, please!

feb.2013 026

Jonathan Adler, whose eponymous Georgetown boutique just screams “Have Fun With Your Home,” has quite a few products on Trohv’s shelves. My favorite was this owl-shaped bottle stopper. How cute and chic is this little guy?

What sorts of explorations in kitchen-shopping have you done lately? What are your recent finds? Happy shopping!


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