Gear and Goodies: New Arrivals in the Galley Kitchen

19 Jan

dec2012.jan2013 032

In the wake of all things holiday, I realized that I’d totally forgotten to share the kitchen goodies I’d been so lucky and blessed to receive for Christmas! Santa Claus was way too good to GKG, and I have a slew of fun new gadgets, cookbooks and more to share with you. Here’s to 2013 being a well-stocked year for the galley kitchen!

First off, my mom tucked the little Cow Kitchen Timer into my stocking. How hilarious is he? (She? Haven’t named him / her yet, but “Bessie” or “Flo” seem like prime candidates.) Thing is, the galley kitchen didn’t have a timer beyond the microwave, so its “tick-tick-tick” and cute little ring (no, it doesn’t “moooo,” which I suppose is a good thing) are welcome. Useful and quirky, it’s a new favorite. Want your own? Click here!

dec2012.jan2013 033

Secondly, this beauty is a Microplane Grater. If you’re thinking that it looks too small for anything, well, that’s part of the point! It’s meant to help you finely grate hard-ish food items like whole nutmeg, garlic cloves, cinnamon sticks and more. It’s great for spices and tricky-to-grate items. Win! Want your own? Click here!

dec2012.jan2013 035

Next, oh my gosh! This wonderful Food Chopper from Pampered Chef (a company that should be renamed “Home of Everything Awesome For Your Kitchen Inc.”) is the best. Thing. Ever? Yes. Mama THT insisted on spoiling me and our kitchen with this gem. Hooray!

From chopping garlic to mincing onions, from prepping mirepoix to making quick work of frozen pancetta or crispy croutons, this bad boy chops it all. Check out the funky zig-zag blade:

dec2012.jan2013 036

Up and down, chop chop chop, and you’re done! To quote the Barefoot Contessa herself, how easy is that? Check out the chopper’s swift and painless destruction of several pearl onions for a recent recipe:

dec2012.jan2013 043dec2012.jan2013 044

And boom goes the chopper. What up! (Said in your best Barney Stinson voice, of course.) Want your own? Click here!

dec2012.jan2013 038

Now here’s where GKG starts to get silly-spoiled. These two wonderful silicone baking mats serve two purposes: First, they’re great for rolling out dough — pizza, cookies, pie, you name it. Secondly, they’re dynamite in the oven. Use them in place of parchment paper, or underneath any baked-goods-to-be (cookies, chicken, a recent batch of empanadas), and your food-stuffs won’t stick or burn in the slightest. Easy to wipe down and wash, they’re a baker’s best friend. Want your own? Click here!

dec2012.jan2013 041

Ooh la la! This little Le Creuset baking dish is barely 5″x7″, but it’s perfect for oven-baked dips, one-serving baked dishes and all sorts of other possibilities. Le Creuset is one of the best brands of cookware on the market, and my aunt spoiled me rotten when she tucked this gem into a Christmas present. Looks like I’ll just have to make some oven-baked artichoke dip. Twist my arm, why don’t ya? Want your own? Click here!

dec2012.jan2013 040

Finally, four new recipe books found their way onto my in-kitchen bookshelf. Loads of goodies to bake, cook, saute, stir-fry, and concoct within these pages. Here’s to some wonderful new cookery in the new year, courtesy of these four gems:

  • 200 Delicious Desserts, a small-and-sweet-treat of a book with treasures for the taste buds. My cousin Alex surprised me as my secret Santa with this great resource for all things dessert, and I can’t wait to delve into its deliciousness.
  • Easy Appetizersa short but sweet text with some killer looking appetizers for upcoming parties. It arrived from my aunt (the same lovely lady who gave me the Le Creuset pan), and I’m itching to throw a get-together to try any of these recipes. Yum-o!
  • My Year in Meals, Rachael Ray — this volume, a gift from my adorable Grandma, is a really cool and unexpected resource for a number of Rachael’s recipes. She challenged herself to write down what she and her husband John ate for breakfast, lunch or dinner for a year. Then, she cataloged the recipes and self-shot photos into a food diary / calendar-of-sorts. Its creative layout is fun and different, and the recipes, as usual, look muy delicioso. Bonus: John has his own section of cocktails in the back of the book! Cocktail party, here comes GKG.
  • Williams-Sonoma: Holiday Entertaining is a Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year’s entertaining Bible. Classy and oh-so-grown-up, it’s an inspiring look at how to hold big-girl gatherings, as well as a tip-laden manual for hosting your own holiday shindigs and meals. Thanks, Alex! #igotthebestsecretsanta.

How well did Santa treat you all, GKG readers? What were your favorite Christmas or Hanukkah or Winter Solstice or Festivus or Kwanzaa goodies? Happy eating and cooking!


3 Responses to “Gear and Goodies: New Arrivals in the Galley Kitchen”

  1. Kimm January 19, 2013 at 1:18 pm #

    That cow timer is totally going on my christmas list for next year!!! So cute!

    • galleykitchengal January 19, 2013 at 3:02 pm #

      Seriously! It’s way more fun to cook, well, anything now, haha.


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