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Pinterest Challenge: 3 Minute Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

31 Jan

pintlogoTime for another Pinterest Challenge! I feel like I’ve been pinning away lately without testing too many recipes. (Can you identify? I hope so!) This time, I thought I’d finally whip up one of those pinned recipes and let you lovely readers know how it turned out. This post could be subtitled, “Here’s what happens when GKG gets a hankering for something sweet, but has no energy to bake a batch of sweet somethings.”

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Takeout Fakeout: Homemade Teriyaki-Lime Stir-Fry

27 Jan

dec2012.jan2013 004

Pop quiz, kiddos: What do you get when you combine broccoli, carrots, onions, celery, chicken, ginger, lime juice, teriyaki, soy sauce, sesame seeds, sesame oil, and chicken broth? (Phew! That was a mouthful … of tasty! … I kill myself.)

Answer: You get the best homemade version of takeout stir-fry you’ve ever made.

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Crunchy, Crispy, Healthy: Italian Oatmeal-Breaded Chicken

26 Jan

dec2012.jan2013 054

In my recent Googlings (Hey, if “Google” is a verb, then I’m making “Googlings” a noun. #englishteacher #stillfollowinggrammarrules?), I noticed a few recipes for unconventional breadings for baked or sauteed chicken breasts. Like these gems:

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Wintery Tomato Soup with Wild Rice

22 Jan

dec2012.jan2013 047

On a cold winter’s day, can anything really beat a hot, steaming bowl of tomato soup?

(Warmer temperatures? Cuddling with Jude Law? A hot toddy? Polar fleece? Irrelevant!)

As winter has hit Washington — or rather, whacked it upside the head; hello, sub-20°F weather — I’ve found myself craving comfort food more and more. Baked pastas, roast chicken, oodles of carb-y delights (I may or may not have consumed the majority of a loaf of rye bread last week by myself. More on that later.), and above all, that so-darned-good tomato soup.

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Cooking With(out) Dairy: Adventures (and Some Tips) in Vegan Baking

21 Jan

dec2012.jan2013 002

Ever tried vegan baked goods? Until recently, I hadn’t; the thought of baking without milk, eggs, butter or even sugar (which some vegans don’t use; I’ll explain later) seemed, well, half past impossible. And as much as I love me some health food, I didn’t think my taste buds could handle the bait-and-switch. Would the cookies or brownies be, well, edible? Or would they be chewy vitamins disguised as after-dinner goodies? Could I take baking to the next level of nutrition without sacrificing all that’s good about dessert?

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Gear and Goodies: New Arrivals in the Galley Kitchen

19 Jan

dec2012.jan2013 032

In the wake of all things holiday, I realized that I’d totally forgotten to share the kitchen goodies I’d been so lucky and blessed to receive for Christmas! Santa Claus was way too good to GKG, and I have a slew of fun new gadgets, cookbooks and more to share with you. Here’s to 2013 being a well-stocked year for the galley kitchen!

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Budget (Ethnic) Eats: Curry Chicken with Peas & Carrots

14 Jan

ImageI’m somewhat experienced with eating Indian food. So good. So, so delicious. So spicy, flavorful and fun. Samosas? Tikka Masala? Saag Paneer? Sign me and my belly up, please.

But cooking Indian food? Um … I’ve baked frozen, pre-made samosas before. And … okay, that’s about it. Embarrassing, right? At least, as someone who loves to eat Indian cuisine, I should attempt to cook something within that family of foods, right?

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