Fall Tablescape: Pops of Color, Hints of Autumn

10 Nov

Nothing says fall like … a tablescape!

No, I’m not just pulling a Sandra Lee here. (Plus, I’ve already done that, I suppose.) There’s something about fall that gets me going — and gets me in the mood to start decorating. What says “fall” like pumpkins, marigolds, and other seasonally-themed decorating in the house? And for me, that decorating starts — are you surprised, my friends? — with the kitchen table.

This year, I decided to use a combination of “found” items (a.k.a. they’re in the house, so why not “find” them and just use them in a new way?) and purchased items (mostly of the perishable variety). The arrangement came out pretty well, I think! It also only cost me about $5.00, when you add up the mini-pumpkins and small pot of flowers from my local Giant. Here’s another view of the display:

Cute, right? 🙂 I created a color pallet of tans, oranges, browns and golds with a slight hint of green and red in a few different elements. I also tried to vary textures (earthy pumpkin, crinkly paper flowers, smooth glass and ceramics). My biggest tips for this sort of project are:

1. Vary the height and type of your items

2. Use pops of color in unexpected places

3. Repurpose what you already have — time to get creative!
The candlesticks are vintage THT — his family had them for years, and we keep the candles in the candlesticks as a kind of mini-tribute; they’re never used, but they work for a dining setting as displays. Plus, the bit of shiny brass adds some metallic shine to the mix.

The flowers are a natural and colorful add-in, I think. Can’t hurt to have some blossoms and greenery mixed in with all of the tan, brown and gold. Bright and beautiful little orange blooms pick up on the pumpkins’ coloring while adding some springiness to the whole ensemble.

The pumpkins are, arguably, my favorite part of the display. Mini pumpkins are 99 cents at the grocery store, allowing for me to place numerous little gourds around the apartment. That little pop of orange is so fun and seasonal. I couldn’t resist!

These paper flowers are an exercise in experimentation. After seeing “coffee filter flowers” on Pinterest here, I gave them a go with my natural-looking brown filters and a bright red paint pen. The result? Not quite like the original, but still kind of DIY-stylish. Adding them to this little ceramic vase that I made in a pottery class (here, actually, and it was oodles of fun. If you live in the DC-area, check it out!)

See this detail? Yup, those are earrings from my favorite little boutique, Tar-jay (er … Target. Tee hee). They’re actually — gasp! — turquoise, but the backs are bright gold. Tucked into a clean, washed and label-free wine bottle, they add height and glam-o drama with those gold textured sides shining.

So, there you have it! Just a few items lying around but looking for their fall-flavored glory. This way, my talbe looks fun and seasonal without breaking the bank. When it comes to actual Turkey Day centerpieces, though, the possibilities are endless. (You’ll see them all here!)


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